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Dieter Hallervorden

Dieter Hallervorden Comedy

Early Life

Born September 5, 1935 in  GermanyHis mother was a physician's assistant and his father a graduate engineerHis siblings are called Renate and Margotmarriage to Rotraud Schindler Dieter Hallervorden  appeared in the movies Darf ich Sie zur Mutter machen (1968) and Die Hochzeitsreise (1969) and had some scenes in Nonstop Nonsens (1974–1980)Nathalie Hallervorden co-starred in the TV series Die Nervensäge (1985–1986) and had a brief appearance together with her parents in Nonstop NonsensHallervorden starred as a bumbling, Clouseau-like detective in the German television show Die Didi-Show. The show was dubbed into English, retitled Didi's Comedy Show, and shown in various countries.

Didi's Comedy Show
Didi's Comedy Show was a German comedy television show (1989 ) starring Dieter Hallervorden that ran for 10 episodes. Didi is a bumbling detective who is struck by "brilliant" ideas which turn out disastrously
The show is based partly on Didi's comedic antics, many of which would be impossible in real life. For example, he takes part in a hammer throwing competition at a police sports event, forgets to let go of the hammer, and is pulled by centrifugal force into the skies; he is saved by hanging on to an aeroplane.

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Didi's Comedy Show was a 1989 German comedy television show starring Dieter Hallervorden that ran for 10 episodes. Didi is a bumbling detective who is struck by "brilliant" ideas which turn out disastrously; he eventually comes out on top, however.

The show is based partly on Didi's comedic antics, many of which would be impossible in real life. For example, he takes part in a hammer throwing competition at a police sports event, forgets to let go of the hammer, and is pulled by centrifugal force into the skies; he is saved by hanging on to an aeroplane.

It was quite popular in India as a comedy show on the national television Doordarshan in the 1980s, and in Uganda in the late 80's on UTV 
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Download Nonstop Nonsens Comedy Show

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Nonstop nonsense was a humorous television series, whose first episode on 29 March 1975 was broadcast on ARD. Until 1980, 20 episodes were produced, and in prime time (20:15 clock) is sent. [1] Dieter Hallervorden was an inventor, actor and co-lyricist of the popular series. Directed by Heinz Liesendahl in all sequences, served as a writer among other things, Wolfgang Menge. Besides Hallervorden occurred among other Rotraud Schindler, Kurt Gerhard Schmidtchen and Wollner as a performer.

In nonstop nonsense Hallervorden also occurs as a performer of humorous songs appear. The comedian, who is not at all the current beauty ideals, ironically, while with titles such as "I am the most handsome man in our tenement" or "I Break the heart of the proudest women" specifically his appearance.
A special consequence to nonsense notes devoted exclusively to musical performances Hallervorden. Were as well-known titles in addition to the aforementioned and "I am happy to bring to my life" and "Debededehakape - Goofy Goofy is because no pills help" represented.
The Zumsel is a term coined in the same Dieter Hallervorden Sketch has. It plays Hallervorden an antiques dealer who operates a difficult customer. It wants something particularly rare and buy at the store discovered a mop. Hallervorden praises him as the Zumsel to achieve such a high selling price. In support of the value referred to alleged owner (about Napoleon). The Zumsel was damaged in World War II, which in turn was only broken by the Bavarians because were not in agreement, that Einstein had been crowned with the Zumsel emperor of Germany. The sketch "The Zumsel" was part of the episode "The Zumsel and other antiques" in nonstop nonsense, he was the first time on 10 October 1979 broadcast.


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Didi zieht um
Didi und das Millionending
Herr Slap und die Hochzeit auf Raten
Didis erster Winterurlaub
Didi und der erste Preis
Didi im Wildenwesten
Didis erste Schiffsreise
Didi als Torwart wider willen
Didi als Gigolo
Didi als Strohwittwer
Didi als Taxifahrer
Didi als Privatdetektiv
Didi als Glueckspilz
Didi in der Ritterzeit
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Didi and the revenge of the disinherited

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Didi und die Rache der Enterbten

Didi and the revenge of the dispossessed is a German film comedy from 1985 with actor, comedian and cabaret artist Dieter Hallervorden in several leading roles

During an amorous adventure in Berlin, the 92-year-old banker blesses Gustav Böllemann the temporal. As the old gentleman had a considerable fortune, found shortly after the end schnorr and greedy relatives to the official announcement of a testament to the notary Praetorius. But the reading of associated video message of the old men turned out to be a nasty surprise for the grieving community: in his last will Böllemann disinherited simply his greedy clan and names Dieter Dödel, a nephew of the third degree, the sole heir to his $ 30 million D-Mark Empire. This simple with the explanation: "He was the only one of you that I've never been touched for money!"
Said Dieter Dödel was the notary has not yet been identified, so that he suspects nothing of his fortune. The angry relatives then decides - and Praetorius words "Dead men can inherit nothing!" Incited - to eliminate Dödel to even get to the millions who would then be divided among all. This is going to kill each of the five and four disinherited Dödel personally.
Dieter Dödel turns out to be completely depleted in the town cemetery sexton, who in his local pub and that with some other people have large debts. He lives in a studio in an unsightly vermüllten backyard and is in addition to the rent arrears. All legal and illegal attempts to get out of his financial plight have failed miserably so far and bring Dödel even deeper into trouble.
In this situation, then try each of the dispossessed in his own inimitable way, Dieter to transport to the afterlife. But Dödel can all get away with murder attempt the skill of a lucky fungus, while the disinherited perish by their own death traps. The so-close in Dödels emerging corpses do turn the attention of the police commissioner in the form of Becker and his somewhat poorer partner Langenhagen, who see in Dieter a murderous felon.
After all Dödel escaped attacks and he is left as the only relative, Praetorius finally finds his clients. But the notary Dödel threatened because he wants to retain the heritage as an asset manager itself. A forced suicide by falling from the roof of the villa Böllemann'schen ends tragically for Praetorius, and he himself falls into the depths.

The completely unnerved Becker retires after the case is solved, while Dieter total of his sudden wealth is taken aback.

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Beobachten und die Rache der Enterbten

Dieter Hallervorden Movie Collection
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Didi - The Double

Comedy Movie Collection 

Dieter Hallervorden Movie  Didi der Doppelganger 

The million-dollar multi-industrialists, builders and real estate speculator John is always a rabid and sexist fellow who wants to tear down for new construction several houses - including the tenement in which Bruno Koob his pub (from family) runs, but which do not intends to give them up:

    "Dat's my pub! She has already heard my great-grandfather, then my step-mother, then my half-brother, the sister of the, which has then married my father, and now belongs to me se. And dat already 12 years - and it stays that way - but someone has to show them "
A confusion leads to find Time and Koob, they look remarkably similar. As always feared his abduction, he stretched his real opponent for his purposes. Koob will take over for a few days as the double role of the professional and private real estate tycoon, while the real will always settle with his mistress for the time to Kitzbühel.
Initially found Koob pleasure in his role and comes with from Forever imprinted phrases "I need more details.", "That's just your opinion." And "Write it up, I am working on it later." Pretty well to make ends meet . Even Immer wife Heidi, who is on the verge of separating from her husband, he can deceive. But then show up as the small-time crook Bazille, Henry and Otto and always want to kidnap, Koob dawns, why has it always involved. He decides to take revenge: Koob can stop the demolition of his house and agrees to the divorce with Heidi. When the real Hans Always knowing about it, he returned secretly to the matter again to straighten.
The two are now resembling Koob and always starts a Verwechselspiel: one side with the crooks who kidnap their target while, at the end but end up in prison and the other with the staff of Immer construction company. Can convince the Board of Directors as Koob, he was always, always the real decides to take revenge and to blow into the air by hand Koobs house. Koob wants to stop him, but can not prevent the explosion. By the detonation of the real always loses his memory and holds a confusion after Bruno Koob. Thus, the real Koob is now his life as Hans always continue.
In the end, has always built as a pub again Bruno Koob and operates this profitably, while Koob as Hans always conducts the business of the Group and dreams of later times to open his own pub.
Dieter Hallervorden Movie Collection
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