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Nonstop nonsense was a humorous television series, whose first episode on 29 March 1975 was broadcast on ARD. Until 1980, 20 episodes were produced, and in prime time (20:15 clock) is sent. [1] Dieter Hallervorden was an inventor, actor and co-lyricist of the popular series. Directed by Heinz Liesendahl in all sequences, served as a writer among other things, Wolfgang Menge. Besides Hallervorden occurred among other Rotraud Schindler, Kurt Gerhard Schmidtchen and Wollner as a performer.

In nonstop nonsense Hallervorden also occurs as a performer of humorous songs appear. The comedian, who is not at all the current beauty ideals, ironically, while with titles such as "I am the most handsome man in our tenement" or "I Break the heart of the proudest women" specifically his appearance.
A special consequence to nonsense notes devoted exclusively to musical performances Hallervorden. Were as well-known titles in addition to the aforementioned and "I am happy to bring to my life" and "Debededehakape - Goofy Goofy is because no pills help" represented.
The Zumsel is a term coined in the same Dieter Hallervorden Sketch has. It plays Hallervorden an antiques dealer who operates a difficult customer. It wants something particularly rare and buy at the store discovered a mop. Hallervorden praises him as the Zumsel to achieve such a high selling price. In support of the value referred to alleged owner (about Napoleon). The Zumsel was damaged in World War II, which in turn was only broken by the Bavarians because were not in agreement, that Einstein had been crowned with the Zumsel emperor of Germany. The sketch "The Zumsel" was part of the episode "The Zumsel and other antiques" in nonstop nonsense, he was the first time on 10 October 1979 broadcast.


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Didi als Torwart wider willen
Didi als Gigolo
Didi als Strohwittwer
Didi als Taxifahrer
Didi als Privatdetektiv
Didi als Glueckspilz
Didi in der Ritterzeit
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